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Inkster has always been a platform for creative heads who want to carve their way into the creative field. Taking fine arts as a career will not only help you get creative jobs but will also enhance your area of expertise in creative writing, drawing, visual effects, graphics design, computer animation, film production, industrial design, visual communication, painting, and printmaking.

Be it painting, drawing, or sculpture, our BFA coaching classes in Hyderabad are full of knowledge, experience, and joy. We believe no class is good enough if there are no experienced artists, we have handpicked some of the best artists to guide you through your creative journey.

All about BFA Entrance Exam - JNAFAU

BFA Entrance Exam is conducted every year by the department of painting and visual communication. BFA Course in JNAFAU college goes on for four years. First year of the course consists for common foundation course with basics of Art and the rest of the course is followed with professional training. The candidate can choose from specializations like Animation, Visual communication, Appied arts, photography, etc.

BFA Entrance Exam - Syllabus and Exam Pattern (JNAFAU) BFA Entrance exam question paper consists of 3 sections with Objective drawing Questions for 100 marks, Memory drawing and coloring with 100 marks and objective type questions for 50 marks.

Part A - In Part A section, an object is placed on you and you are asked to draw the same on the piece of paper within 90 minutes. The objects needs best possible shading that best suits the drawing, the drawing has to proportionate to the size of the paper. Part B - Memory drawing and coloring covers testing your memories and your ability to draw from a imaginative world, this emphazises on your drawing, observation and visualization skills. Part C- All though this section consists only of General Knowledge and current affairs - Multiple choice, one can not do justice to this section unless he is well-prepared. This section can be easy to crack as there is no negative marking.

At BFA Coaching classes in Hyderabad, we make sure the student is taught and made to practise evenly for all the sections that the JNAFAU Entrance exam question paper consists of.

Frequently asked questions about B FA coaching centre

What is B FA?

Bachelor's in fine arts is a creative course that requires drawing and sketching skills for the four years course.

What is the BFA course content?

  • Still life

  • Object drawing

  • Theory

  • Composition

  • Perspective

  • Tone, texture, and shade

  • Use of watercolor, charcoal pencil, poster color, pen, oil pastels

  • Live drawing

  • Human anatomy

What are the career opportunities after B FA course?

During the B FA course, students are expected to develop skills and knowledge that come handy when working for creative industries as an art curator, art director, artist, graphic designer, etc.

What is the scope of fine arts?

The students have a wide range of career opportunities, right from working with art studios, publishing houses, advertising companies, print media, and fashion houses.

Is fine arts career for you?

If you are a creative person and want to carve a niche in creative arts, this field for you, also, if you are a great artist with good drawing and sketching skills, you can start exploring your career opportunities in fine arts.

What is the syllabus and exam pattern for the BFA entrance exam?

The BFA exam syllabus includes objective drawing, memory drawing, and coloring and objective type questions, mostly testing your general knowledge and current affairs.

Is there negative marking for the B FA entrance exam?

No, there is no negative marking, and students can clear the exam and score full marks when preparing thoroughly for the exam. At b fa coaching classes, we train our students at their best on drawing, sketching, painting, visualization, and other skills needed to clear the BFA entrance exam.

What is the eligibility criteria for BFA?

The minimum education needed for the BFA entrance exam is 10+2 from any recognized institution.